Stuart Feldman


If I can get people to start to think about living in the future, then maybe we’ll actually want to go there...

The Battledart represents an exciting future in space for humanity, a product visualization of a designed universe with its own history, philosophy, mythology, and technology. The design of the Battledart explores the evolution and de-evolution of form language through dynamic transformations of multiple aesthetic characteristics of elegance [More…]

ARC is a human-centered transportation project demonstrating visual futurism and industrial design. The Advanced Rolling Cockpit, or ARC, is an advanced multi-functional transportation vehicle. An integral part of the Battledart, the design of the ARC explores the resultant form language of multiple characteristics of elegance [More…]

The SciFi Industrial Project is an entertainment product, using the design process to create my own universe, worlds, characters, and creatures. They have driven the design of a world that exhibits aspirational plausibility with the primary goal of general audience mass appeal. The story is based on warring enlightenment philosophies wrapped around the necessity and evolution of humanity’s relationship with machines [More…]



Additional work in industrial design, form development, 3D modeling, transportation design, and entertainment design (Coming Soon).

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Short films, compositing, CGI, animation, and visual effects (Coming Soon).

SciFi Industrial Product Video