Stuart Feldman



If I can get people to start to think about living in the future, then maybe we’ll actually want to go there...

VISUAL EXCITEMENT: Integrating specialized knowledge, deep understanding of history, and focused research, with human-centered design, transportation design, and all of the magical animation and visual effects to bring these fantastic vehicles to life. (2016-Forever) [More…]

SciFi Industrial Product Video

OUT OF THE BOX: Bridging traditional design characteristics with program development, enabling measurable comparisons among design options and identification of specific areas of improvement, directly applicable to decisions faced by multidisciplinary development teams. (2010-2016) [More…]

LEADING EDGE: This photo of Mars was taken by the NASA/JPL Mars Exploration Rover, one of the projects across space science, human exploration, and commercial space that I have been a part of. In addition to working across multiple levels of development in a variety of leadership positions, I co-founded a successful aerospace startup. (1998-2012) [More…]