Stuart Feldman
SciFi Industrial Design

MFA Thesis Project Intro

MFA Thesis Project

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Thesis Project: SciFi Industrial

The SF-1 Battledart is a 23rd-century spherispace fighter designed for my Industrial Design Thesis Project at AAU. A technology post-cursor, the Battledart of the late 24th century is designed to exhibit aspirational plausibility with the primary goal of general audience mass appeal as an Industrial Designed Entertainment Asset (IDEA). A future sandbox universe was created describing an exciting future in space for humanity, with its own history, philosophy, mythology, and technology. The addition of multiple non-human pilot species as well as a slightly unstable detachable AI copilot has resulted in innovative approaches to cockpit design and functionality. The overall requirements have been derived from operational, technological, stakeholder, aesthetic, and business considerations. The story is based on warring enlightenment philosophies wrapped around the necessity and evolution of humanity’s relationship with machines. Inspired by America’s extinct aerospace mass production capability of the 1940’s, the Battledart is influenced by over 50 unique natural, industrial, aerospace, and fictional points of reference. The resulting aesthetic of late 21st century optimism is bol stered by prior Doctoral work in design elegance and deep faith in the spacefaring future of humanity, further underscored by the first human Mars landing that occurs in 2057. Aspirational plausibility with a glowing future core, and a dash of sorcery: SciFi Industrial.