Stuart Feldman
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Commercial Space


Commercial Space

Bigelow Sundancer Forward Propulsion System

The Bigelow Sundancer Space Station, currently in development, would be the first commercial human-occupied space station/space hotel. For reaction control, Sundancer uses several clusters of hydrogen/oxygen thrusters.

My Role: I worked for the contractor selected by Bigelow to design and develop the forward propulsion system. After co-authoring the proposal, I performed a variety of project management roles (tracking, scheduling, purchasing) and technical roles (system architecture, initial concept/packaging). I worked on the program from concept through preliminary development, and also participated in early testing and prototype manufacturing.


Virgin Galactic LauncherOne

The Virgin Galactic LauncherOne is an air-launched small-satellite launcher deployed by WhiteKnightTwo.

My Role: I worked for the contractor hired by Virgin Galactic to perform a variety of conceptual design visualization, configuration, and mission trade studies in support of concept development.




XM Satellite Radio

XM Radio was one of the first two satellite radio providers. Originally launched in 2001, now merged with its only competitor, SiriusXM Satellite Radio receivers come standard on almost every new car produced for the United States market. 

My Role: I developed a 3D model of a city using SolidWorks which was used for signal visibility simulations as part of a feasibility study for the system.

ZERO-G Corporation First Publicly Offered Commercial Weightless Flight

In October of 2004, I participated in the first publicly offered commercial weightless flight. Operating out of the Hard Rock Casino Hotel in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, by the ZERO-G Corporation this flight took place a few weeks after the winning of the Ansari X Prize. I was one of three participants featured in a Fantasy Camp documentary which aired on the Fine Living Network.