Update - March 2013

Despite the lack of posts, I have been making a lot of progress. My dissertation is rolling along and is now over 100 pages. Having never written a "book" before, it is amazing how things start falling into place once a lot of initial preparation work has been completed. I'm in the middle of organizing the Literature Review to make things flow better, and developing the initial elegance metric.

A few technical notes:

  1. Scrivener from Literature and Latte is an amazing, integrated writing environment for Mac and Windows
  2. Developer of the author-date parenthetical notation method: you deserve a prize!

I am also working on collecting supporting data from my daily online news reading, and will be incorporating a lot of varied stuff throughout the dissertation. I will post about some of that stuff, no doubt.

Part of what I will be doing in the Research portion deals with elegance observation. I call this approach Gestalt or Right-brained and will involve observational single or pair-wise or three-way comparisons, using a format that evolves over time. I will be using recommended approaches to achieve and create elegance, such as observation, to make inputs into the elegance metric, which I find poetic.

I figure a lot of these observational studies will be posted on this site as well, and are a great place to comment (until I launch my "Hot-or-Not" site for Elegance: working title of "Elegant-or-Smellegant" - well, maybe not).

As I further develop the purpose of the I have also been "sharpening the pencil" on the services offered by Feldman Design Co. If you visit The Company page, you will see a few listed: conceptual design, concept art, illustration, and photography. I will be creating a section on this site to post examples of my work in conceptual design, concept art, and illustration, as well as a Photography section on this site highlighting some of my favorite photos (probably with the ability to order prints).

Thanks for reading and following along.

Kashyyyk Base Rebel Legion at Portland Comic Con (Portland, 2013)
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