Logitech K760: iPad keyboards part 3


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Despite my frustrating experiences thus far with iPad keyboards, I became aware of a new contender from Logitech and decided to try it out. It arrived today, and I am happy to say it passes the "first impressions" test with flying colors. It is just about perfect, and the coolest keyboard I have ever used.

The keyboard in question is the $80 Logitech K760 solar-powered multi-device bluetooth keyboard:

First, the cons (to get them out of the way):

  • Keys are a bit "mushy" and louder than the Apple Bluetooth keyboard (even though they are similar style chicklets). I think the keys sit more loosely in their sockets on this keyboard, and are more "wiggly".
  • Keyboard is large. It is long since it is a full-size keyboard, and taller due to the solar array. So it works out to be slightly longer than the iPad's long dimension and slightly shorter than the iPad's short dimension.

And now the pros:

  • Starting with the last "con". It's larger because it has a freakin' solar array, like Mars Rovers or satellites. It should never run out of battery power unless I use it in the dark for a long time. Heck, it is probably getting some charge from the light emitted from iPad screen itself. And it's good for the environment.
  • It has a physical on-off switch. Hallelujah.
  • It can pair with 3 different devices, and switch between them with the touch of a button. So it can work with my iPad, iPhone, and Mac. Or another bluetooth device. Or two iPads and one iPhone. You get the point. This is an amazing feature, since I cannot foresee a situation where I would need two separate keyboards, unless someone has more than two hands (Dr. Octopus maybe) or there is more than one user, in which case it would be perfectly reasonable to have more than one keyboard.
  • Its power indicator and device indicator LED lights shut off after a few seconds. No annoying and unnecessary lights.
  • It has specialized function keys for both the Mac and the iPad. Incredible.
  • It is full size.
  • It is very thin (no room needed for replaceable AA batteries.


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