So, this "on the go" thing is exhausting. Exhilarating, yes, and also exciting, but definitely exhausting. I think that's the biggest challenge of this extended trip: pacing. There is so much to do, so much to see, that we have to force ourselves to sometimes slow down and just catch up on our rest.

So far, we've added a couple of "rest days" to our calendar. These usually involve letting the kids spend the morning lounging around the hotel room, watching TV, goofing off, and maybe squeezing in a nap or two. We try to stick close to home base, but even with those plans, it is hard to avoid the temptation of adventure.

"Just a little walk on the way home from breakfast" we said, and then we ended up hiking along the trails of Mont Royal until lunchtime.

montreal trails
Not the city stroll we had envisioned (Montreal, 2012)
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"Just a quick outing around here, we won't even go into the city today" we said. Next thing you know we're trekking in the 90 degree heat across suburban sidewalks to find the homestead of John Adams.

Adams National Historic Park
Old House at Peacefield (Quincy, MA 2012)
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The girls are being troopers and we are definitely fortunate to have such adventurous kids, but it requires considerable force of will to keep them moving in the right direction when they are tired and grouchy.

Some of our secrets to success include letting all three girls take turns riding in the stroller, using our Ergo carrier to give the big girls piggy back rides when the going gets tough, stopping at playgrounds or parks so they can have some unstructured play (it's amazing how a tired child who "can't walk one more step" can break into a sprint when she sees a playground ahead), and making sure to stop for snacks or drinks (the promise of a snack or drink can get us 5 or 6 more blocks of travel). The biggest secret though, it just to keep our itineraries short, our expectations low, and take time to do things that the girls enjoy.