Very light and very cheap


Before leaving on this trip, I wrote about my thoughts on iPad keyboards here.

I came to the conclusion that the iPad keyboard dock would be perfect for this trip, since weight was not an issue (since it was a roadtrip) and it was the cheapest option (since I already owned two). When packing for the trip, I ended up only bringing one (since it is so heavy and since it does not need to be "re-paired" to use on multiple devices).

Yet, with the late addition of a three-night cross-country trip via connecting flights, weight and space became very important. We are traveling very light for this portion of the trip, but we still need some keyboards.

So, enter in a fourth option, found on Amazon: the $16 Apple-knockoff bluetooth keyboard (with prime shipping!) for iPad. Two of them arrived today. They are plastic, they are light, and they work. The look like the Apple keyboard (albeit at a much lower quality), yet they have the iPad-specific keys of the Amazon bluetooth keyboard or the Apple keyboard dock. And they have a physical on-off switch. What a deal!

Will it last forever? Probably not. In fact, I will be thrilled if all of the keys are still in place after I pull it out of my bag. But we shall see.



Hoisting a pirate flag on the rooftop of the Madison Children's Museum (Wisconsin, 2012)

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