In praise of Garmin for iOS


Late last year, in the midst of a lot of traveling to California for some really fun work, I decided to try out the Garmin GPS App for the iPhone, so I would not have to carry around my standalone GPS receiver. I purchased the Garmin USA app (which downloads, rather than streams mapping data) and it has completely replaced my standalone GPS receiver.

Some Pros:

  • completely replaced standalone GPS
  • faster, better, cheaper (it is running on the iPhone processor after all, and it is cheaper assuming you already have an iPhone)
  • google local searching allows you to find anything fast
  • has parts of Canada in it even though it is the USA version
  • you always have it with you (you always carry your iPhone right?)
  • superior GPS reception and aquisition times

And a few Cons:

  • it keeps running in the background, so you should manually quit it when you are done with it
  • you need to have charger handy, or only use it when it is plugged in
  • the iPhone gets hot
  • the app is not perfectly stable. It crashes sometimes.

More thoughts:

I still have not found a good way of mounting it, although I have a cheap vent-mounting option on-order for the next leg of the trip. And if I had to do it again, I would purchase the slightly more expensive Garmin N. America version.

Get the Apps for yourself:

  • Garmin U.S.A.
  • Garmin U.S.A. - Garmin
  • Garmin N. America
  • Garmin N. America - Garmin

Ready to navigate (Wisconsin, 2012)

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