Everything in its place


Through 23 days of travel (so far), the idea that "everything should have a place" has proven itself necessary on a daily basis to reduce the stress of traveling. With young children in tow it has proven itself essential.

We have packed and unpacked the Acadia numerous times now, either to the brim or almost to the brim, so I have made sure to pack it up the same way each time. Oldest knows that her backpack sits on the seat next to her. And the diaper bag sits in front of Youngest's car seat, on top of the clear plastic container of coats, umbrellas, and towels. My bag hangs on the driver's seat rest. And so on.

Reserved Acadia parking
Too tall to fit in the garage (Ottawa, 2012)

Our current hotel in Québec City is a charming bed and breakfast. Our room is on the lower level and is really great, except for its lack of storage space. But we are making it work. And things are easier to clean up and to find.

The fireplace/closet (Québec City, 2012)

Books and pens (Québec City, 2012)

This post was composed entirely on my iPhone. Amazing.