Roadside Attractions


While the drive between Windsor (across the boarder from Detroit) and Toronto was relatively void of any major attractions, the 5-hour drive between Toronto and Ottawa was chock full of neat things to do. One item I forgot to note yesterday is that Toronto "felt" like a large, especially clean, US city. Past Toronto, and especially once we got to Ottawa, Canada "felt" more like a foreign country. And, as any good foreign country should, there were some great things for visitors to see and enjoy.

Big Apple
The precise location of the Big Apple (Ontario, 2012)
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We picked two of them, and were very happy with our selections.

The Big Apple

No, not that Big Apple. The literal Big Apple. A 35 foot high Apple stands right off of the freeway.

IMG_1762 copy
The Big Apple (Ontario, 2012)
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Inside the Big Apple (Ontario, 2012)
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In addition to being a walkthrough exhibit (think homemade Spaceship Earth at EPCOT, on foot, without Judy Dench), the Big Apple serves as a gateway to a veritable Apple Wonderland: a huge pie factory (apple pies and treats of all variety), a cafeteria (apple pies, apple bread, apple juice, apple bread, etc.), a large gift shop, a mini-golf course and mini-zoo.

Oompa Loompa Doopati Doo, I will be baking more Apple treats for you (Ontario, 2012)
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This was a unique stop and the kids loved it. As did the adults. Did I mention they ran Apple computers too?

They use apple computers at the giant apple. Yes!
No PC's here, just Apples (Ontario, 2012)
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Thousand Islands Sky Deck

We drove through an area of Ontario known as the Thousand Islands. This area, as you may have guessed, has hundreds of islands, and is close to the border of the United States (I was able to pull up one meaningless bar of EDGE data on AT&T) .

The 500 ft Sky Deck is serviced by a high-speed elevator - stairs are for emegency use only (Ontario, 2012)
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Since we did not have time take a cruise or explore on foot, we opted for the Sky Deck, a 500 foot tall tower with a multi-level observation platform on top. We found beautiful views all around.

View from the top of the 1000 Islands Sky Deck (Ontario, 2012)
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And yes, this is proudly the birthplace of the salad dressing!

Hello from the 1000 islands
The Salad Dressing (Ontario, 2012)
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