Canada's capital


Ottawa, the capital of Canada, is located in Ontario on the boarder with Québec. Although we only stayed overnight, as a convenient stopover between Toronto and Montréal, we really enjoyed our brief time there.

Diamond Jubilee (Ottawa, 2012)
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As a national capital, Ontario has the requisite government buildings, found in multiple architectural styles from intricate old-fashioned stonework to more modern all-glass.

Reflections of old and new
Reflections of old on new (Ottawa, 2012)
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Parilaiment sits on Parliament Hill and is a beautiful building.

Parliament (Ottawa, 2012)
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Crossing the bridge, the canal is visible and quite striking set in between all of the different styles of architecture.

Canal (Ottawa, 2012)
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And the view from our balcony was beautiful at sunset, again reflecting the varied architecture and British and French influences that make Canada so interesting.

What a view (Ottawa, 2012)
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Ottawa has a really nice area away from the government buildings called ByWard Market that has shopping, restaurants, and an outdoor market. We made sure to try the local Beaver Tail pastry, and it was delicious (not to mention covered in Nutella).

Beaver Tails
Beaver Tails (Ottawa, 2012)
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And since I have been to Washington DC so many times, I cannot help but draw some contrasts.
- Ottawa is low key. There are no huge monuments in sight.
- Last time I was in DC, I was shocked at the number of homeless folks all around, especially congregated in the parks. We did not see anything like that during our brief stay in Ottawa

Pop-art (Ottawa, 2012)
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We only had a short time to explore the city, but we really enjoyed Ottawa and would like to visit again.