Exploring Toronto bookstores


Deciding that I really missed the experience of having a Moleskine City Notebook for the cities I am visiting, I set out Sunday morning to head over to the Indigo bookstore in Eaton Center.

Walking down Yonge Street, I spent some time carefully examing the really cool-looking trash cans that are in downtown Toronto. They have separate trash and recyling slots, as well as a foot pedal to open them up. Definitely on the "fancier" side of trashcans, I wished that I had something to throw away.

Fancy Trashcan (Toronto, 2012)
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I also thought the bright-red Canada Post mailboxes looked really sharp.

Canada Post Mailboxes (Toronto, 2012)
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And I really liked this glass building behind the Eaton Center. There are a lot of glass buildings in Toronto, more than I have ever seen in a single city.

glass bulding
Glass building on Yonge Street (Toronto, 2012)
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The closest bookstore I found was an Indigo bookstore. Indigo is the "Barnes & Noble" of Canada, and also owns several other chains, including Chapters and the soon-to-be-visited "Worlds Biggest Book Store". On a side note, all of these bookstores are huge, they have free wi-fi, and they have fantastic childrens sections with lots of stuff for the kids to do.

Multi-level Indigo Bookstore in Eaton Center (Toronto, 2012)
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The Moleskine City Notebooks could not be found, although they were supposedly in stock, so I was sent by the helpful employee several blocks down the street to the World's Biggest Bookstore (WBBS). The independent bookstore I stopped in along the way did not have the notebooks either, but I found my Toronto and Montreal Moleskine city notebooks at the WBBS, and then spent a while happily wondering around. I will definitely do some more shopping on my next Toronto stopover.

Outside the WBBS (Toronto, 2012)
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I will be writing more about the Moleskine City Notebooks in another posting. I look forward to a lot more bookstore exploring throughout the rest of my journey.