By Land and by Air


So, Stuart has already filled you in on some of the fun and excitement associated with our arrival and early explorations in Canada (see the articles here and here). It's a beautiful time of year to visit and our first few days here have been full of exploring new places. Last time I wrote, I mentioned that we were on an extended side trip. What I failed to mention is that our side trip had led us to Oregon.

Yep, you read that right, Oregon. And, yes, we did divert from the road trip mode of transport.

Flown to Phoenix. Why? Why not!
The airplane (Detroit, 2012)
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As you might remember, we're going through some big changes (see Stuart's excellent summary here). The result of which is that we're looking at some new job opportunities. Anyway, to make a long story short, I had a job interview with a very interesting company. They flew me, Stuart, and our youngest daughter to Oregon for a couple of days. We left the big girls with my parents in Michigan, caught a flight out of Detroit (via Phoenix -- thank US Air), and spent a couple of days hanging out in a delightful small town. I spent a few hours at the company on Monday and had a great time talking with some fascinating people. It's been a long time since my last job interview, so it was more than a little surprising that I actually enjoyed myself. I won't know for another week or so whether they are going to offer me a job or not, but no matter what happens, I'm thankful to have had the opportunity for this extended side trip. I'd never been to Oregon before and thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

Beautiful Oregon (2012)
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On a different note, it's amazing how easy traveling with an 8 month old seems when you don't bring along the big kids! But's that's a post for a different day. We made the drive from Toronto to Ottawa today and have a big morning of exploring tomorrow (Parliament Hill, ByWard Market, etc.) before we head into Quebec. We took our time along the way, and made several fantastic side trips including visits to a giant apple and a 400 ft sky deck. As a side note, should you find yourself in Ottawa, I highly recommend the fabulous hotel we stumbled upon. We have a roomy suite, a beautiful view, and a great location. Tres bien!

Outside from the balcony in Ottawa
The view from our balcony (Ottawa, 2012)
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