Latitudes and Attitudes


I love the latitude band that encompasses Oregon and Southern Canada. I think Montana is up around there as well. Yeah I could look at a map to tell you exact coordinates, but I am enjoying this pure pontification Note: Someone looked this up for me, and it's between 43 and 46 degrees north latitude.

Trees in Oregon (Portland, 2012)
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The first thing that comes to mind is a cool non-sticky June. The kind of June where you can leave the window open at night, and be chilly and refreshed feeling in the morning. A crisp June. Growing up in the south, and currently living in the south, June is associated with hot weather, and usually sticky weather. So, experiencing June in the North West and the North-north has been a cool treat.

I also love the trees. Pointy trees. Pointy fir trees. Being surrounded by great-smelling really tall pointy trees is inspiring.

Passing into Canada at Windsor was through a minimally marked, non-descript tunnel off of Jefferson Avenue in Detroit. Ontario Canada has been great thus far. It's much easier travelling in a foreign country where everyone speaks english (in this part of Canada at least), and the outlet plugs are the same, the "dollar" is used (and is worth about the same as the US dollar at the moment), the lanes are normal size, and the cars are just like ours. Switching the car and the GPS into metric was simple, and figuring out how much gas costs per gallon was not too difficult (about $0.50-$0.60 per gallon more Canadian $).

Nondescript tunnel to Canada (Detroit, 2012)
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Toronto is huge. And has many gleaming glass and metal buildings. It is very bustling. After we arrived at our hotel, we headed to dinner (after 8pm), and the streets were packed. Then a road race/marathon of hundreds of people went across our path. Then we walked by an outdoor performance of a rock/metal band. And walking back after dinner (after 9pm) was just as busy. So far I have a great impression, and am looking forward to more exploring.

Random road race
Random road race (Toronto, 2012)
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