This has been an incredibly exciting week! My wife and I sold our first business, ZPFC, which we co-founded in 2008. We are very proud of the successful, well-regarded, company we built (through almost four years of recession!), and had a great time working with our employees and customers on a fantastic variety of once in a lifetime projects. Now we are taking some time to decide what to do next. I plan to keep working on my dissertation – I just completed the Topic Analysis portion, so it is time to buckle down on the proposal. Will I start another aerospace and defense company? I think it is too early to tell. I have worked in the space industry for almost fourteen years, and I feel the need to move on, although I am not sure if that will happen sooner or later.

I have stumbled upon this short post from Randy Murray the other day, and I feel that it sums up some of my feelings about what happens next.

From First Today, Then Tomorrow's The End: Why You Don’t Need A Sequel To Everything:

Every story doesn’t need a sequel, prequel, trilogy, saga, or series.

In fact, the best stories have a beginning, middle, and that most crucial of elements, the end.

If you want more, that’s why you have an imagination.

So, with one story has ended, I will work on a new one. Not a sequel, or another in a series, but something different, and only limited by my imagination.


Saturn Rockets, Huntsville (2012)