More iCloudy days

In the last week, my attentions have been focused on some other writing activities, so I did not post anything new on But, I did list this site on my LinkedIn profile (I just passed 300 connections, yay!), so I saw there have been some new visitors.

Anyway, I hope to get back to work this week on writing and sharing some cool stuff. In the mean time, to get started, how about more discussions on text editors and syncing?

Just to update on my iA Writer/Byword/iOS/OS X/iCloud experiment that I wrote about here, things are going well with the transition from Notational Velocity/PlainText to using iA Writer with iCloud for all of my notes. In fact, iA Writer has been a treat to use on iOS. As a bonus, it can access both iCloud docs and browse to open Dropbox docs, and this is a major advantage that it has over Byword, which can either be set to a single Dropbox directory or can be set to use iCloud.

I agree with most of Brett Kelley's review of Byword for iOS here, although I have not had any Dropbox bugs yet. And I still like keeping Byword around for its ability to do full Markdown preview.

So, in the mean time, I am using Byword for iOS with Dropbox, and staying away from iCloud. I may transition away from using Byword most of the time on iOS, except for when I need Markdown preview. I still love the writing combo of Byword and Marked for OS X.

And come on Apple, when is OS X iWork going to support iCloud?

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