update #1

While I launched this site last November (and the four months since have been a blur), I had been thinking about doing this site for a lot longer. For years I have read the tech, space, science and culture news every day. Knowledge is valuable stuff, and it flows so fast in today's world. And, most importantly, I love reading about it.

Anyway, for anyone involved in knowledge work (and I would put myself in that category - read about the concept of a knowledge worker in the book Landmarks of Tomorrow), the internet has been a great boon, but it also carries with it some potential pitfalls. For example, it is very easy for introverts such as myself to watch what is going on but not to participate in what is going on. And while I have been able to get quite involved in the aerospace industry, I am taking the time with (despite its spacey-sounding name) to focus on some other passions of mine that I have wanted to write about.

Over the past decade, while "technologies" such as tabbed browsing and RSS feeds (Reeder is my favorite) have made digesting the news faster, they have also made it easier to become even more unbalanced in terms of consuming content versus creating content. I think that creating content of all types is what life is about. Content can be companies, applications, designs, articles, books, and many other things. And creating things makes me feel happy and fulfilled. Way back when, I was editor of one of my High School's two newspapers. It was in the early 1990's, and we did all of the writing and layout on a Macintosh LC II that I found on clearance at Best Buy. Although I did not get back to using a Mac full time for another decade, I have always felt that Macs love to be used for creating content (although I did not think I would be writing in markdown plaintext in 2012 for this site).

MacBook Air with a quad-decaf espresso (2011)

So after a very busy 2011 where I worked on a some really cool projects (including some side projects such as Instarocket for iPad, more web design, and a podcast), went on some incredible trips, and finished my doctoral coursework and exams, I decided to take some time to really get to work on my dissertation at UAHuntsville. While on a leave of absence from my job as a corporate officer at ZPFC, I have some time and some creative juices freed up to work on this site daily. And, as I mentioned back in my first and second posts, I think this new habit will get me back in the process of writing, design and layout (from way back in the day and more recent endeavors), and finding a way to share neat things that I find online with those that are interested, without my thoughts being filtered through the Facebooks of the world.

I would eventually like to settle on a more focused range of topics for, because I think that is key to building up an audience. But for now I am writing about whatever I find interesting, which thus far has involved a lot of LEGO (no surprise) and the Airline industry (somewhat of a surprise). But I am trying to stick to the theme of writings on elegant design, business, entrepreneurialism, product ideas, systems development, history, travels, photos, tools, and tech.


The author at Old Faithful (Wyoming 2011)

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