Where did I put my transatlantic slingshot?

A section of Särkänniemi Adventure Park in Tampere, Finland is being set aside for a series of Angry Bird-themed attractions, shows, and interactions. This Angry Birds Land will be the first of several planned for throughout the world.

Angry Birds Land will include rides and amusement park games, and is currently in the development phase of its conception. Rovio also plans that there will be "Magic Places" within the park, where "the physical and the virtual gaming worlds meet".

The Angry Birds, Rovio's "ill-tempered avian agitators", were born in Finland, but have become a world-wide sensation. Kids today have been known to play "Angry Birds" during recess (involving chain-link fence slingshots). Of course, I guess not everybody is playing Angry Birds during recess, because the Rovio official quoted in the article claims he wants to get the fans to "exercise and enjoy the outdoors" – a lofty goal indeed.

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"Angry Bird"-like creature at Chattanooga Discovery Museum (2012)