An iCloudy couple of days

Well, loyal reader(s), it has been a few days since I last posted, a very trying few days to be honest (except for an awesome lunch yesterday). I plan to get back to posting new and exciting ideas and voyages tomorrow. In honor of my personal cloudiness, I am looking to experiment with streamlining my workflow using the newest cloud around, iCloud.

Byword & iCloud

In the mean time, I am posting this using the newly released Byword for iOS on the iPad 2 (yes, the huge pixels are burning my eyes). I am also going to try using Byword's implementation of iCloud syncing instead of using a Dropbox. While this restricts these files to a single application (even plain text documents stored in iCloud are only available to the single application at the moment), I do not think this will be a problem since I usually use Byword in OS X to write for this site. So if I stick to my naming convention, this method should work well. I mean, why waste time thinking about where to save something when there are no options when using iCloud. And I am not sure how to back up the saved files in iCloud, but I have several ways to back up the site itself.

iA Writer & iCloud

If I get more adventurous, I may also try transitioning from using Notational Velocity/Dropbox syncing for other notes to using iA Writer's implementation of iCloud syncing on OS X and iOS. That will be more a struggle, because I love Notational Velocity's (NVAlt in my case) searching and quick note creation. But after yet another tragic loss of typing today messing with QuickCursor and and a misbehaving NVAlt (and probably just my fault) I think it will be an interesting experiment. I am a bit more concerned with not being able to back up the iCloud backup for that stuff, so I will need to see what options are available.

New workflow

If all goes well, I will end up with Byword for markdown writing and iA Writer for everything else, all magically stored in iCloud.

To close off, here is a picture of beautiful flowers blossoming on the trees outside of our house, in front of a sky with beautiful clouds.

Bloom (2012)