Bags and the meaning of life


Today, via the JACK SPADE blog, I learned about the field of kinetic sculpture. I am still not entirely sure what that means, but since it involves bags and the meaning of life and the TSA, I was immediately drawn into the story.

Reuben Margolin is a kinetic sculptor, and a current TED presenter. While at Harvard, he found a piece of wood that looked like a briefcase, attached a handle to it, and carried it around like a briefcase. He kept carrying it around, thinking eventually that he would discover why he was carrying it, but he never did.

Undeterred, he made another briefcase out of a 70 pound block of solid steel:

He even fashioned a custom handle and ornamental metal latches.

When he traveled to California via airplane, he was not allowed to carry on the bag since he could not show the airline what was inside (remember, it is solid steel). So he checked it instead:

When it arrived at the baggage claim in California, Reuben discovered that a TSA agent had chiseled off the ornamental latches, trying to discover what was inside. It was funny to imagine him, red faced, muttering to himself, unable to wrap his mind around the fact that there wasn’t any secret.

Think about this story. I am sure you will find several layers of meaning to take away for your life. Pictures via the link above.

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