2012 in Review: Changing Color Schemes

This year has proven to be one of the most important, exciting, and joyous years of my life, and also one of the most difficult and stressful.

This was the year that I transitioned from a long-trodden, very familiar path to a new, unfamiliar path full of promise. As difficult and scary as that decision has been, I cannot remember a time in my life when I have been more excited about the future.

That new path led us to the great Pacific Northwest, land of beautiful pointy trees and fantastic coffee and coffee-derived beverages. We first visited Oregon in June, in the midst of our exciting summer road trip, and made the move permanent in August. In 2008, when I designed the symbology and color scheme for my previous company (which we moved on from in April), I must have been channeling some kind of inner desire to move to a place with a green, white, and black presence, as demonstrated by the iconic Heart in Oregon campaign. Looking back on it, I had the right color scheme, but I was in the wrong location.

I am delighted to be back living on the West Coast, albeit in a place totally different than Los Angeles. I have loved getting to explore Portland, which has become one of my favorite cities, and it is great to be living near the coast again. I look forward to lots of fun road trips in the coming years to Crater Lake, Vancouver BC, Seattle, San Francisco, and Redwood National Park.

Portland Street Car
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The Portland Building
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I am excited to have moved from the crimsons and whites of Alabama to the greens of Oregon (and also the orange and black of Corvallis). And while I have lived in many different places across the United States, I have never felt like advertising where I lived. In Oregon, I feel differently.

Oregon patch
Self-assembled Heart in Oregon velcro patch on Goruck GR-1 Pack
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When 2012 began, I was struggling to find a research topic for my doctorate, but after taking some time to think, and stepping back from day-to-day activities that were trapping me in narrow fields of thinking, I arrived at a subject I care deeply about. I completed the topic analysis early in the year, and successfully defended my dissertation proposal at the end of the year.

And while I wasn't bringing my velcro patch with me on my overnight trip to Huntsville for the defense, I was able to apply some Oregon-love to my my shoulder bag.

Oregon button
Heart in Oregon button on Chrome Vega
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And I have not touched on our fantastic road trip across eastern Canada and through fourteen states. The pictures, movies, and memories of that trip will be with me for the rest of my life. Best wishes for a happy 2013!

Montmorency Falls, Quebec (2012)
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Coastal Maine (2012)
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Cambridge, MA (2012)
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Toronto, from the water (2012)
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