The Droids I am Looking For

After patiently waiting for the November 1st release dayte (since 9/27), I got an email this morning from Barnes & Noble saying that my Nook HD was delayed a whole month. So I went out and bought a Nexus 7.

Out of the box, I am very impressed with the Nexus 7. It feels solid, and it is snappy. The packaging construction, layout, and graphics are top notch. The screen is nice. Having no prior experience with Android, I found things relatively easy to use. And at $250 (for 32GB), it is approximately $180 dollars cheaper than the similarly-specified iPad Mini.

I think it is interesting how much Google has made the Nexus and Android OS "feel" like the iPad and iOS. And I will be interested to see how the Nook HD "feels" and works in comparison to the Android (its software) vs. the Nook eReaders that it is spiritually connected to.

Of course, as I was opening the Nexus 7 I got an email from Barnes & Noble saying that the Nook HD was only delayed by a few days. So it will be nice to have both of the 7" Android tablets on hand to compare.