Research Immersion

To get a better understanding of my research, I am immersing myself both in various art media and using other, non-Apple hardware and software.

I am taking various art classes in such topics as calligraphy and illustration, and working on other projects with a variety of media, including colored pencils, chalk, and pastels. Calligraphy is useful to look at because it is a very structured, process-oriented form of art (often referenced by Steve Jobs as a major influence of his). And illustration is useful, because rather than focusing on realism, illustration seeks to get its point across using various types of symbolism (e.g. pointy features for "bad guys" and soft features for "babies and children"). This inducement of feelings probably has some meaning with design elegance.

In addition to art and media, since I have been exclusively using Apple devices for many years, and thus have certain biases, I am immersing myself in other operating systems, such as Windows XP, Windows 7, and eventually Windows 8 (albeit on glorious Retina-display Apple hardware). I have used Windows XP for over 10 years, so I am interested to see what the impact is of using Windows 7 for a while, and then updating to Windows 8 in early 2013, after the Operating System has time to settle. I am dabbling in Android, by way of the Barnes & Noble Nook HD 7-inch tablet. I went with the Nook HD device (rather than the Google Nexus 7 or the Amazon Kindle HD), because it is the only 7-inch tablet at this time with a retina-class display (1440x900 display resolution, which is significantly higher than the 1024x768 of the just-announced 7.9" Apple iPad mini). And I believe that the retina-class display is key towards a feeling of immersion. Of course I may have to obtain and iPad mini for purposes of "science" to look at the impact of Retina displays vs. the impact of software.

Of course, this would not be a proper pro-Apple writeup if I didn't mention that I am waiting for Windows 7 in Boot Camp to install 87 updates during shutdown, so I am writing this on my iPhone (4s) using the Logitech bluetooth solar keyboard. And watching the updates in the background. Yeah, we are up to 84 updates installed. Oh Microsoft...

Beautiful Bugs (Montréal, 2012)
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