The beginning

This site, will focus on content related to talking about design (specifically elegance in design), "this future" vs. "that future", business, entrepreneurialism, product ideas , systems development, and history, as well as other subjects to be defined in the future. This site will also include more personal content, such as my thoughts and experiences travelling, posting and discussing some of my favorite photographs that I have taken, reviews of things that I like, and talking about tools and tech that I use.

The initial purposes will be to help me get some research and writing done that may feed into my dissertation, develop material and ideas for several books that I want to write, and to get more involved with the tech blog community. Eventually I would like to recruit others with similar ideas to write content for the site, and to get some sponsors for the site who share its visions and values.

As with endeavor worth doing, I feel compelled to define a bhag, and in this case, the very long-term goal is to help contribute towards a future where communications and information flow throughout the solar system and beyond. This is the idea that, within my lifetime, there will be an "earth-net" (.earth) and "mars-net" (.mars), and eventually a "sol-net" (.sol)! This is a similar type of idea to ZPFC's StarshipZero project, which I worked on for several years, and I think that businesses become much more emotionally engaging to participants and customers by having such compelling future goals.

And have a happy Thanksgiving.