I have spent plenty of time thinking about creating content for this site, good left-brained stuff like setting up a new entity, buying and configuring a new mac, deciding on a hosting platform, designing logos and configuring themes, and deciding how to structure everything (I finally settled on a simple solution, because simple is best). But creating good content requires turning over my thoughts and actions to the right side of brain, and right now that takes me out of my comfort zone. And once I get to creating, I can make some neat stuff. But, getting there is hard. And uncomfortable.

But communication is important. And there was a time when I loved to write. And do research. And to make intuitive leaps. Now that I am working on my dissertation, I need to get back into this mode of thinking, of writing and researching and writing some more, again. As soon as possible. And with one successful startup up and running and prospering, I am ready to start another one, albeit at a more personal scale, to create good and engaging content, and to share stuff that I find interesting.

Thus begins Feldman Interstellar's first endeavor, interstellaire.net. Thanks for reading.