About Stuart Feldman

Pioneer in the creation and application of methods to holistically improve form and function during design and program development through an understanding of elegance, aesthetics and usability. Proven experience in high-level strategic decision management and conceptual design for complex program development on multiple successful high-technology programs. Significant industry experience leading multidisciplinary teams. Successful entrepreneurial record. Independent doctoral research and development of applied methods to measure and increase design elegance of systems and solutions with demonstrated applications to aerospace and energy products. Experience in 3D modeling design and development, with formal training in industrial design sketching and idea generation, drawing, and rendering. Demonstrated responsiveness, professionalism, attention to detail, and discretion. The right amount of risk taking. An evolving eye for design. Dedicated to bringing elegance and beauty to the future.

Stuart Feldman is the founder of SFID, a design consultancy providing services and solutions to companies and organizations to further the creation of elegance in strategies, concepts, and technologies, providing services related to strategy and program development, industrial design, and concept visualization. SFID provides an industrial design-focused approach to concept development and decision management.

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