Stuart Feldman

Visual Futurist. Designer. Scientist. Spaceman.

Photo by Aviva Feldman

Photo by Aviva Feldman

Proven experience in the conceptual design and strategic development of complex, high-profile transportation and technology platforms. Significant industry experience leading multidisciplinary teams. Successful entrepreneurial record with insight into business development, operations, and finance. Independent doctoral research and development of applied methods to measure and increase design elegance of systems and solutions with demonstrated applications to aerospace and energy. Formal training in Industrial Design, with expertise in 3D modeling, visual storytelling, design research and ideation, sketching, drawing, and rendering. Dedicated to disrupting the status quo of transportation, entertainment, and consumer products by visualizing plausible designs for far-future, imaginative technologies with the goal of generating public excitement for human advancement.

Stuart Feldman is the founder of SFID, a design consultancy providing an industrial design-focused approach to concept development and decision management.

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